What is the CAVU Center ?

The Vision of The CAVU Center is a world where people live abundantly as individuals and in relationship with others, where nothing hinders them from a full celebration of life.

The Mission of The CAVU Center is to promote abundant living by helping people to be happy, healthy and whole.

The Purpose of The CAVU Center is to help persons find the ideal living conditions, for themselves and those with whom they are connected, while being informed by a relational spirit, an engaging heart, a healthy body, and an abundant mentality.

The CAVU Center provides support, resources, programming and assistance to men and women that encourages emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

The CAVU Center values trust, respect, communication, dignity, authenticity and sacredness, while fostering a healthy sense of self-understanding and actualization.

The CAVU Center understands human beings to be sacred creations that exist in the tension between being individuals and in relationship with others.

The CAVU Center celebrates the positive pleasure that comes from loving relationships, open minds and hearts, a quest for the unexplored and the affirmation of life that comes from respect, trust, communication and hope.

The CAVU Center name is derived from the aeronautical term “Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited”, meaning ideal flying conditions where nothing is in the way of getting where you want to go.