Workshops and Groups
During COVID, all meetings will be held on the Zoom platform. 
Those who register will be given an invitation.   Stay Healthy and Well!
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‹ Six Pillars to a Healthy Relationship

This workshop explores the six pillars of a healthy relationship: Communication, Faith & Values, Family (past/present/future), Money, Power & Sexuality.  Pleasure or Pain.....Relationships can go either way.   How these six pillars impact your relationship will make all the difference.  1.5 Hrs. 

25 / person
40 / couple
Celebrating the Feminine and Masculine in Each of Us

Every person has both feminine and masculine traits and dimensions.  Celebrating the whole person is the goal of this one hour workshop on self-understanding and affirmation.  1 hr.

20 / person
Therapists and Clergy on Sex

Mental Health Professionals and Clergy meet to discuss current options for therapy AND a progressive view of sexuality that encourages an positive and pleasure oriented view of sexuality and relationships, while debunking the unholy trinity of guilt, shame and fear.  Three hour group session.  Lecture and Interactive.

 75 / person
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